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next on abc 2 news works for you: >> a mother's pain. >> and i hope in time i can
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forgive him. >> sentencing day for her son's killer. >> it was the other driver running a red light and striking his car. >> but if michael phelps wasn't at fault, why is he still being cited? >> now abc 2 news, the latest at 11. >> michael phelps not at fault. but also still not in the clear. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. the olympian was driving on biddle street just before 9:00 last night when his suv was hit by a car that police say ran a red light. so what is the trouble for michael? delia goncalves joins us now to explain. >> reporter: marybeth, because this has created such a buzz, even nationally, baltimore city police are covering all the bases, even distributing this accident report, which they don't normally do. in it we learned more about last night's crash and the fallout from michael phelps. a local crash that made national headlines when we discover the driver behind the wheel of this crunched up
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escalade was olympic hometown hero michael phelps. >> he had nothing to do with the cause of the accident. >> reporter: police say phelps was heading home from penn station when his suv slammed into a honda accord investigators say ran a red light, an account verified bay witness. >> she was not aware at the time of the accident that the accident involved michael phelps. >> reporter: the female driver of the honda was taken to shock trauma for neck and back pain while police questioned phelps on the scene, paying close attention to his behavior. >> were his eyes glossy? was his speech slurred, did he smell like alcohol. >> reporter: although phelps did admit to having one beer more than an hour before the accident, police say the situation did not warrant a breathalyzer test. the 24-year-old swimmer is not off the hook. >> mr. phelps will be cited for failure to carry a valid driver's license, and a $40 citation for not establishing residency in the state of maryland after a year. >> reporter: even though phelps purchased a fells point condo last july, he is still
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registered as living in ann arbor, and the license he handed over was not valid. >> i realize mr. phelps travels a lot. he has been overseas a lot and a very busy schedule. it could be an oversight. >> reporter: that's an issue he'll now have to take up in court. tonight there is no word how soon he might appear. and we also tell you in the police report, phelps also complained of right angle pain, but he didn't seek any medical attention last night. his two passengers were not hurt. the other driver is 28-year-old amanda birkiss. she will be fined $180 and get three points on her license for running that red light. a brazen escape in howard county leaves a sheriff's deputy injured and a 20-year- old prisoner on the loose. the family of devin champagne says they called police after he showed up at their home that happened not too long after he attacked a sheriff's deputy and got loose while being transported to the howard county detention center. a jury had just convicted champagne of felony theft.
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he was looking at a lengthy prison sentence when he made a break for it. >> he had shackles on his feet and handcuffs behind him. somehow the suspect managed to turn around and take the handcuffs and put them in front. at that time he put the handcuffs around the deputy's neck and attempted to strangle him. >> champagne is considered dangerous. if you see him, police are asking you towel 911 immediately. the shooting of a well- known community activist in cherry hill has rallied the community. terry owens was on the scene shortly after the shooting tuesday night. and tonight he is following the story with the latest developments from cherry hill. >> marybeth, clergy leaders at at least two community groups staged tonight's rally in march. while small in number, they were strong in spirit. >> what do we want? >> safe streets. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> that message echoed through the streets of cherry hill tonight, responding to the tuesday shooting of a popular
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community activist. >> it's a sad thing when violence from the street flows into a home and when families are no longer safe. >> reporter: this was the scene in cherry hill earlier tonight. police scouring the area outside the home of shirley foulks. she was sitting in her living room when gunfire erupted outside her home on carve erode. foulks suffered a minor injury, but the random violence has sparked a very organized response. >> we just want to raise awareness to the fact that there are law abiding citizens in this neighborhood who won't tolerate violence. >> my god, what has it come to? >> reporter: tonight's rally was staged by safe streets and the cherry hill trust public safety committee. >> we're not asking anybody to put themselves in harm's way. we just want to tell people to find another way to resolve your conflict. it doesn't have to all happen with a weapon. >> reporter: while some residents joined the march, many remained behind closed
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doors, organizers well aware they're also fighting fear. >> what do we want? >> they need to speak up. if they see crime going on in their community, that they know who is doing it, they need to stop. >> stop this thing. we have to stop this thing because it snowballs. >> miss shirley as she is affectionately known, has barely missed a beat since the incident. in fact, tomorrow she'll be handing out school supplies to kids in cherry hill. terry owens, abc 2 news. sentencing day in baltimore for a 17-year-old gang member who killed a witness. jonathan cornish was only 15 when he shot and killed carl lackl. and now cornish will spend the next 40 years behind bars. patrick byers was sentenced in may to four consecutive life terms for ordering the hit using a cell phone. lackl was set to testify against byers in a murder trial. >> like i said, my son was a forgiving person. and all the time i listened to
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it. and i talk about it, i heard my son saying mom, she was just a kid. and that's kind of heart carl had. >> i'm sorry that jonathan did this. i'm so sorry. and i know that jonathan is too. >> there is no winners here. a lot of losers. kids that for whatever reason don't -- possess the ability to really care. and a lot of that has to do with the hopeless situations they they come up in. >> cornish apparently cares now. he apologized to the lackl family before his sentencing. on the weather front, we had a moderately warm day for august you would have to say around here. 84 degrees is it at bwi. i think the temperatures begin to add up as we go into saturday and sunday. right noy we're looking at temperatures cooling off pretty nicely, down into the 70s under a clear sky. look at this. skies have cleared up dramatically overnight from d.c. up through baltimore, on toward wilmington, delaware. not a cloud in the sky.
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i think we're down to 67 or so. by daybreak a nice sunny day on tap. pushing toward 90 on sunday. the hotter weather continuing as we go into the early part of next week. we'll talk about that, and the one storm system on the map we have to keep a close eye on for the weekend. we'll point that one out to you as well, coming up. >> all right, wyatt. it's been said that politics makes strange bedfellows, and apparently education can make things downright weird. it's coming to baltimore. think of it as a national field trip to fix failing schools. newt gingrich and the reverend al sharpton are teaming up. they'll join the u.s. education secretary visiting baltimore, philadelphia, and new orleans earlier this year. they plan to add more stops as their tour progresses. gingrich and the secretary were guests tad on sharpton's radio show. president obama has promised to make the united states the world leader in the number of people who graduate from college. and president obama was in montana this afternoon answering questions on health
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care reform. unlike the often contentious meetings others have encountered, today's give and take was both cordial and civil. president obama received an enthusiastic welcome in reliably republican montana. >> hello montana! >> reporter: he came on a mission to change the increasingly angry debate over health care reform, saying americans are being held hostage by insurance companies. >> it's wrong. it's bankrupting families. it's bankrupting business. and we are going to fix it. >> reporter: but randy wanted to know how the government would pay for it. >> and we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> the president said 2/3 of the plan would be paid for by eliminating waste. >> we've got to get over this notion that somehow we can have something for nothing. because that's part of how we got into the deficits and the debt that we're in the first place. >> reporter: it was the kind of difficult conversation that the
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president said showed how a democracy is supposed to work. as for the outrage at some forums -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: president blames special interest groups for trying to scare voters. >> for all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary, what is truly risky is if we do nothing. >> reporter: and the president is mixing business with pleasure, making time for a family trip to yellowstone and the grand canyon, along with another town hall meeting in colorado on saturday. friends and family gathered today to celebrate the life of eunice kennedy shriver. [ bagpipes ] hundreds of mourners, including oprah winfrey and stevie wonder and vice president joe biden all gathered in massachusetts to say their final farewells. eunice shriver essentially started the special olympics right here in maryland in her own backyard in rockville, and had been encouraging children with disabilities to shoot for the stars ever since. maybe her greatest
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accomplishment her own children. >> each of us felt like an only child. each of us felt as though our mother was our best friend. each of us talked to her every day, and sometimes more than once. and of course i think if i said to my mother, which i often did, i can't go on without you, i don't know how to live without you, she would say you're fine. i've raised you well. now get out there. i don't want to hear one more yes. get going. your brothers will be nice to you. >> eunice kennedy-shriver died tuesday. she had a series of strokes in recent years. she was 88 years old. you've saved for years, watching that 401(k) grow. but now you learn you can't touch your own money. why, and how you can protect your retirement future. and think of it as the family album for the oriole way. still growing tonight in aberdeen. >> it would have been a great day to go out and play some baseball. we have 77 degrees right now at the u.s. naval academy. we'll talk about the one storm
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system just off the coast.
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[ closing bell ] >> your money now. stocks pulled back to end the week. the dow fell nearly 77 points. the nasdaq dropped almost 24. and the s&p ended this friday down nor than 8 1/2 points. and another mixed day locally as reports showed summer losses for hotels. marriott international lost almost 2 1/2% on the day. baltimore-based first mariner gained nearly 2% on the week. and t. rowe price ended by falling more than 1 1/2%. you know, it's no secret that the state is in trouble financially. so how would you help the state save money?
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governor martin o'malley has been asking for your ideas, and many people, thousands of you, have been sending in suggestions online. here are just a couple of them. do not change the voting system in maryland there is no reason to change. this will save 20 to $30 million. and then this. eliminate the use of the front license plates. they're always being made and it costs money for materials and to manufacture the plates. to read more comments or to leave one of your own go, to the story is in our slide show. you work hard your whole life and put away as much money as you can for retirement. so imagine trying to access your money only to find out you can't touch it. it's happening. and the federal government wants you to know the warning signs. tonight, joce sterman explains how to protect your future. >> reporter: dick allen is enjoying the golden years of retirement, and he worked hard to get there one of his jobs was for a small environmental company. >> i was running a warehouse
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for them. >> reporter: but he eventually got laid off, and then the company went belly-up. and when he went to change his 401(k) plan, he got a huge surprise. >> they said well you're locked up. >> he had no access to his cash. the 401(k) plan orphaned. >> an orphaned 401(k) plan is a plan where there is no fiduciary left to make decisions necessary to give the participants their money. so the people are left in a state of suspension. >> reporter: retirement and pension plans can be abandon affidavit a merger, when an owner dies, or after bankruptcy. bankruptcies rose 53% between 2007 and 2008. the department of labor estimates there are at least 15,000 orphaned company plans each year. fireworks a 401(k) plan has been abandoned, it is extremely difficult for an individual participant to actually get access to his account. >> reporter: that's why the department of labor launched the abandoned plan program.
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the goal, to make sure orphan funds can be distributed in a timely and efficient manner. >> it's a streamlined way for financial institutions who are holding assets of an abandoned plan to actually terminate the plan and distribute the assets to the participants. >> reporter: the department of labor oversees things to make sure each plan is terminated properly. it's important to note not all financial institutions choose to take part. dick's lender didn't, so he ended up in court with a a fiduciary was appointed to take on his case. >> it's kind of a strange thing that you can't get your own money. >> reporter: how do you know if your money is at risk? watch for signs of financial trouble in your company. >> signals are very clear. the company is laying off critical staff members, you know. they're cutting expenses that are really necessary to continue as they make last- ditch efforts to survive. >> reporter: and monitor your benefit statements closely, even if your company closes or
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you leave the job on your own. if information stops, contact the plan's sponsor and ask questions. >> the participant is unable to get reasonable answers or to get any answers at all. then the participant should contact the department of labor. >> reporter: dick was lucky. he reached a settlement, and is now waiting for his money to be released. joce sterman, abc 2 news. >> if you would like to contact the department of labor, 866-444-3272. you can also log on to the website that is right there on your screen, and you can also find that online on our website, now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> a little more of the same tonight, right? >> yeah. similar. i've got a few numbers for you. >> you always have a few numbers. >> how about some 90s. >> you're bringing those on,
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are you? >> yeah, just right about 90, and not until sunday. this pretty good stuff for august, marybeth. let's take a look outside. nice evening to be out late. i mean, i'm telling you what. it is just gorgeous out there. a little humid. 87% relative humidity. temperatures right now in the low 70s, 72 bwi. probably a little warmer downtown. we're probably talking 74, 75 degrees. high temperature was 84. average 86. the record up to close to 100. this isn't bad even with the humidity. hey, here is the place it's not bad to be today. sunset down at the beach because it looks good this time of year. you got to enjoy the last few summer weekends, and a lot of people doing that at rehoboth in ocean city too. 73 degrees at the water's edge with a light southeast breeze. it's going to be a great weekend to get down to the beach if you can do that. we're looking at 84 at ocean city. i think for a high temperature as we good into the day tomorrow. 86 on sunday. partly cloudy both days. just a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, especially sunday. there is a reason there is a
11:20 pm
little better chance here at the beach than there is as you look back here in the baltimore area. and we'll talk about that in just one second. high temperatures today 84 for baltimore. 87 out in hagerstown. they get close to 90. 85 was the deal at the beach. off to the west temperatures cooling off pretty quickly. winchester, virginia almost down in the 60s already. easton at 70. we're at 72 right now. satellite radar pictures clearing off nicely. that will mean the temps will drop a little more tonight, mid- to upper 60s. but it also means the chance for some patchy fog at daybreak tomorrow. strong cooling tonight, a element of humidity in the air. it all means the chance for fog. if you get an early trip planned down to the beach as an example, keep in mind you may hit into a little bit of fog in the low-lying areas. big clear high pressure off to the west that is helping clear us off tonight. but the system we're watching actually off to our south and east. this system right here, you saw a lot of showers thundershowers associated with this earlier this afternoon. right now just a couple of showers flaring up.
11:21 pm
again, this is what will bring in the potential for cloud cover on and off through weekend, and also the threat for a shower, i think mainly from virginia beach southward down into cape hatteras, north carolina. so here is your computer model in motion here. watch this as we go into saturday afternoon. just a couple showers. again, well off to our south, down toward the virginia- carolina border. same deal as we go into sunday afternoon, though we do see a little better chance for precipitation flaring up as we go into the late part of sunday. the shower activity could creep closer to d.c. on the bay gorgeous day, light east breeze. looking good for you there. tonight watch out for little patchy fog at daybreak. other than that nice looking weather. 67 degrees overnight. tomorrow we're going to call it 87 or so. it should be a nice looking day, just a little hotter. lots of blue sky mixed in with the clouds. the seven-day forecast shaping up like this. i think we push up closer to 90 on sunday. and the hottest day yet probably 91 on monday. but overall these temperatures not outrageous for mid-august, of course.
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we're always have that weather for you online as well. abc 2 news del mar. >> perfect weather for this event. mouths were watering in bel air this evening as the 8th annual maryland barbecue bash got into gear. thousands stopped by to try a sampling. but the big barbecue cook-off is tomorrow, and that's expected to draw a huge crowd. we asked one visitor what the key to win willing be. >> it's got to be calling off the ribs, and it's got to have a real good taste. >> yeah. and as anyone who has ever thrown some ribs on the barbecue, that's easier said than done. you can stop by tomorrow between noon and 10. the events held at the state courthouse parking lot. how about a trip into the future and a one scary neighborhood. we'll take you district 9, a sci-fi movie with a twist, and just maybe a social commentary.
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the orioles welcome the california angels to the yard tonight. and the birds wasted no time breaking out to an early lead, scoring 6 runs in the first inning. rookie chris tillman earned his first major league win, allowing only 4 runs, seven innings. and felix hit for the cycle as the birds beat up on the angels 16-6. game 2 tomorrow night. that was the excitement down at the yard tonight at cal senior's yard even more excitement. cal, billy, mom and the rest of the ripken family at the cal ripken series started tonight in aberdeen. after the opening ceremonies, cal addressed the young players, their coaches, and their parents. >> you want the compete. you want to compete in the right and fair way. we need your support to help bring that and make experience what you can.
11:26 pm
players, i want to make sure that you have [ inaudible ] early and there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. sometimes things aren't always going to go your way on the baseball field. but you need to keep your composure and play hard and hold your heads up high and do the very best job you can. >> after the ceremony, they had a home run derby and skills competition, which was hosted by cal's buddy and our favorite morning anchor jamie costello. peter jackson, the one big name attached to district 9 has a reputation for making well- crafted highly produced films. and his latest appears to be no exception. david lets us know if district 9 lives up to its preopening buzz. >> reporter: on an alien ship filled with relatively peaceful aliens stalls over the city of johannesburg, the aliens are moved to a refugee camp known as district 9. >> why don't you just leave?
11:27 pm
how do your weapons work? [ alien sounds ] >> reporter: 28 years after first contact, district 9 is in bad shape. that's when multinational united, the company put in charge of the aliens, decides to move the camp. in charge of the problem is vicus. and while evicting them, something goes terribly wrong. >> i don't know. this has got the markings. so it is definitely alien. but it's -- but udon't trust it, you know. i don't trust anything. [ coughing ] >> district 9 is an intelligent, thought provoking action film but will send sci-
11:28 pm
fi fans into a euphoric frenzy. 4 out of 5 stars. >> all right. we'll be right back. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak. an updated all-time favorite: juicy steak layered with zesty chipotle sauce, melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh.
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one last check of the seven- day forecast. and i tell you what. get ready for a hotter sunday around here. up to 90. >> thanks, wyatt. that's all for us tonight. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. good night. abc 2 news on your iphone. available at the itunes ap store now. be the first to know. forecasts, video clips, breaking news, with just a touch. download the abc 2 news ap for free, only on itunes. click weather on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> baltimore's most accurate forecast. >> customize your forecast. use the interactive radar. most powerful. most accurate. guaranteed. see what works for you. its incredible deals.
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